Today small offices and home offices can run like a big business with little effort. The tools are available that in the past were not possible without a dedicated server and thousands of dollars.

Clayton IT provides business level services including:

  • Data sharing amongst multiple employees and devices: documents, email, calendar.
  • Network sharing of printers, scanners
  • Local and online backup systems
  • Wireless networks
  • Mobile device configuration and setup

In particular Ian can help you with:

Proactive Security

The security landscape is changing constantly. Let Clayton IT take care of it for you. Ian can audit your current security, and fill in your defenses with class leading antivirus, firewall, wireless encryption, password techniques and updated software.  Avoid zero day exploits in Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, Web Browsers etc. Clayton IT will also show […]

Evaluate your Wireless Network

Are you getting the best wireless coverage and speed throughout your office or home?  Two bars is not enough.  Make sure your whole home and office have proper wireless coverage with no dropped connections.  Clayton IT will install and setup the best wireless solution for you at the best value.

Cloud Sync

Using cloud services to sync your Calendar and Contacts amongst your computer, smartphone, tablet and laptop is smart and easy.  You can even sync bookmarks, reminders and photos.

Microsoft Office 365

Let me guide you in setting up and using the latest Microsoft Office with Outlook and up to 5TB of One Drive Storage for cloud access and syncing amongst all your devices. At a current cost of $8.00 per month for 5 computers this is an excellent investment.