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The primary use of glasses has constantly been improvising our vision and protecting the eyes. So, how exactly are smart glasses better than regular eyewear?

Smart eyeglasses bring the imaging we get from the cell phone or desktop screen onto the glasses’ lenses. They are a part of other smart IoT innovations like watches and wearable devices, which means we will only continue to see their evolution over time as brands adopt better technology to upgrade their functions.

Challenges Of Maintaining Smart Glasses

Smart glasses are not the regular eyewear of every other day because they have an influx of wires and functions to give them superior-tech power. Currently, smart glasses have a lot of applications in the education industry, security sectors, and the fashion world. We know that many people share these devices regularly, making it tough to keep them clean and sterile.

Entities and individuals that invest in smart glasses should learn how they can keep them clean while maintaining their excellent functionality. UV light disinfection is the better solution if you aim to kill all germs and bacteria while reducing exposure to products that are potentially damaging to the sensitive features.

Benefits Of Using UV Light To Clean Smart Glasses

It Is Safe

One of the biggest concerns about UV rays is whether it is safe for the skin or if they can cause sunburns. UV light is not nearly as toxic as the chemical elements found in cleaning products because it uses safe light rays. UV light is a better option because it is commonly used in food services, therapeutic treatments and several medical systems. Using UV light is better to avoid the chemical toxicity that can intoxicate your lungs, irritate the skin and damage the surfaces.

It Is Effective

UV light is a far more effective cleaning method than a wide array of alternative methods. Scientific studies have shown that it can kill pathogens in a damp space, suffocate fungi, and cause permanent damage to microbial agents. Unlike some biological solutions, UV light does not allow pathogens to build immunity and find another way of thriving in space.


UV light is a more affordable method of cleaning your smart glasses than many other alternatives in the industry. One system from CleanBox is all you will ever need, whereas using a third-party cleaning service would mean you get to pay every time you use them. We have a lot of affordable UV light technologies you can operate by yourself, which means you will also cut labor costs and excessive maintenance fees.

Business Growth

UV light helps a business grow because it has excellent results compared to other cleaning tools. We have observed that entrepreneurs who invest in the wellbeing of their customers tend to attract a lot of positive reviews, which means they automatically create a self-marketing system that encourages returning customers to bring in even more people.

Are you in an industry or passion that uses smart glasses? Check out all our cleaning systems online and make your order today for fast delivery.

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