Computer Repair Edmonton

If your computer conks out on you, don’t waste time by trying to fix it yourself. Leave the repair work to the experts or you might end up creating even bigger problems. PCWhoop Electronics has years of experience offering computer repair in Edmonton. It doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or a PC—we can fix it for you.  

Like most people, you are probably reliant on your computer for many aspects of your life. You might even get stressed when your computer starts to malfunction or conk out on you. If this ever happens, keep your calm and contact a computer repair professional in Edmonton. Professional repair shops can easily fix whatever problems your computer might have. Is it too slow to boot up? Perhaps it needs a software update, or the memory is full. Did you see the ‘blue screen of death’? An expert can recover your data and even bring your computer back to life. Does your computer have a virus? Bring it to a technician for an immediate clean up.
Contact PCWhoop Electronics Ltd. for computer repair in Edmonton. Our technicians are highly knowledgeable and experienced in repairing all types of computers. Whether you have a PC or a Mac, we can help you. Our process is completely transparent and efficient, so you know exactly what’s wrong and how we are fixing it. To check up on the status of your computer repair, simply use our online tool. To request a service, simply fill up the online form here on our website. You may also request for a quote online or by phone. For other inquiries, PCWhoop Electronics Ltd. can be reached at 780-800-8808.

Computer Repair Edmonton

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Computer Repair Edmonton

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