Computer Service Victoria

Computer service is a pretty all encompassing term. I have provided mobile in-home and on-site business computer service in Victoria for over 15 years. I have the experience to diagnose issues and deal with them right there at your home or office.

Diagnosing your computer service issue can often be the most tricky part of IT and tech support. Sometimes you’ll know exactly what the problem is, but not know what to do about it. That’s where Clayton IT comes in! Most often what’s causing your computer to act up is a complete mystery. I’ll need to sit down with you and your computer to figure out what’s happening. These kinds of computer service problems are exactly why I so strongly recommend that you regularly back up your data!

Computer Service Diagnostics

When servicing your computer, the diagnostic stage involves a systematic approach to determining the technical issues. I always start by determining if there is any need for malware removal. A computer virus or other malware is very often at the root of the issue when your mac or pc is acting up.

Computer service diagnostics are done with a specialized set of hardware and software tools. We can often bring to light the underlying issue very quickly. Some initial technical service steps include:

  1. Check the POST. This is known as the Power On Self Test.
  2. Load time of the operating system.
    • a longer than normal load time may indicate seek errors on the hard drive or other hard drive issues.
  3. Determine any graphics issues during OS loading.
  4. Audo file test.
    • Any choppy breaks while playing an audio file can reveal that the processor is working harder than is necessary.
  5. Check for new hardware or updated driver software.
    • Newly installed hardware or software can sometimes cause conflicts with the operating system, especially in Windows systems.

Professional Computer Set Up

I can come to your Victoria BC home or office and provide a professional computer set up. This will often help to prevent later computer service issues. When you buy a new laptop, desktop, or even a phone, having Clayton IT set up your device can often prevent a lot of issues down the line when you’re adding new programs and applications. And of course all new computers come pre-loaded with “bloatware” that needs to be removed right away.  This extra sponsored software is loaded at the factory to add to the manufacturer’s margins.  They get paid extra to put on un-necessary backup software, antivirus, games, links to cloud backup, deals on, ebay, photo book software etc…  This bloatware can slow your new computer and cause problems down the road.

Victoria Mobile Computer Servicing

Every computer needs to be serviced periodically in order to ensure that it’s system is optimized and it’s running free of any virus or malware. Providing mobile IT support in Victoria for so many years I have long since learned that a service visit can prevent having to undertake costly data recovery or a more lengthy PC repair in your home or office.

Carrying out computer service in your Victoria home or at your place of business can sometimes reveal other issues that may be causing or exacerbating the situation. Such as an improper WiFi setup. Having the wrong WiFi router or too many extenders set up can cause connectivity issues that may appear to be a tech support problem.  And of course a professional assessment of your WiFi can eliminate “deadspots” and improve speeds.

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