Computer Set Up Victoria

You want to just turn on your computer and start doing what you need to do. For most people, this is checking email, using social media, surfing the web, and using word processing and spreadsheets. So many Clayton IT clients don’t really know how to set their PC up in order to most easily access the programs and applications that they most ofen use. That’s where having mobile tech support at your disposal is such an invaluable asset for any home or business owner.

Ian is always available to consult with you to decide which PC is best for you. Should it be a Mac? Is a Windows based machine best for you? Is your home or office WiFi setup correctly? Once you have your new laptop or desktop, let Ian help you to get it set up properly in order to help you get the most out of your new computer and make sure that it runs well for years to come. This usually starts with proper data backup and virus and malware protection and removal.

Professional On-Site Computer Setup

Before setting up a new computer it is ideal to get the setup started with the old computer. Most of the time my clients are replacing an older, outdated computer with a newer, shiner, and faster version of the same thing. In this case, backing up the old computer so that we can recover the data and migrate it to the new system. Most people need some IT support to accomplish this. I am always ready to come out to your home or business for computer repair or set up.

So many of my PC repair customers just don’t have the patience to set up an email client like Outlook, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird on their home computer. As long as you have the password to your email accounts (and even if you don’t) I can set up your email so that you can easily read incoming mail from all of your different accounts and choose which account to reply from. Setting up all of your computer applications and programs to run smoothly throughout the life of your PC will help to minimize¬†computer service appointments in the future.

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