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Part of the surprises that amateur manufacturers of radio frequency equipment or those who experiment in this world have is the laboratory test with FCC certificate.

This certification guarantees that the equipment that has been designed and manufactured is of quality, in addition to being authorized to operate within the territory.

However, in place to submit the equipment to quality and endurance tests must be performed in a laboratory authorized by this authority.

From CT Compliance Testing we are ready to offer you a step by step to know how the FCC certification process works.

How to choose an FCC test lab?

The safest way to find a lab is to search the FCC website, without talking to strangers. You should bookmark this site, even if it is not where you start.

You should check to see if the labs you are considering are accredited to perform FCC certification and testing. Many testing labs perform a variety of work in addition to FCC certifications, so every lab will not be up to the specifications you need.

You can also ask your RF module supplier who certifies their products. It can save you time to work with a lab that is familiar with the specific RF characteristics of your module.

If things look a little off, they may be able to identify the reason more quickly. We received a quote from the lab that certified the module we were using, but they weren’t exactly what we were looking for.

How do I choose which lab to use?

After your search, you may find several testing labs available to you. Choosing a good one will make a big difference in the way FCC certification and testing is performed. Here are some questions to ask as you narrow down your equipment choices.

How do I know if it’s a good company?

There is no standard for hardware testing labs, so finding opinions can be difficult. But it’s important to know firsthand if the lab you choose has FCC compliance testing and approvals.

However, at CT Compliance Testing you can have a good tech talk, set up a meeting with the team and meet the test lab employees and their customers. This way you can familiarize yourself with the company’s staff and get to know the way they work.

On the other hand, when you are investigating a lab other than our own, they should be able to answer any questions you have about the process and requirements. If you’re not sure what to ask them, you can start with these questions.

How do I know if a lab does what I need?

What your device is, how it works, and its size all affect the testing requirements. Ask the lab what their capabilities are and if they have tested anything similar to your product. If you are going to sell your product in other countries, make sure they know what the differences in certification requirements are and that they can perform all the required tests.

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