Expert Malware Removal Victoria

One of the biggest problems facing both home computers and office computers is computer repairs due to infection by a virus or some form of malware. There are plenty of software applications that offer to prevent computer virus infection. From Norton to McAfee every Windows desktop and laptop should have protection installed.

Installation and configuration of anti-virus software is just one of the many services that I offer related to computer security. Even those with the formerly impenetrable Apple computers are now being advised to install a current copy of malware security software in order to avoid computer repairs.

Keeping data secure has become one of my client’s top priorities. I often tell them to start with a secure WiFi setup.There’s no point keeping viruses out of your laptop if someone driving by on the road can get onto your WiFi network and monitor your online activity!

Computer Virus & Malware Removal

As with most areas of computer service, prevention goes a long way. I am always available to help you to back up your data. Keeping a safe, separate vault with all of your files is absolutely essential for computer security. Of course if something happens before you get your data backed up we can almost always find a way to recover your data. Sometimes even after a fire.

Ransomware is a relatively new phenomenon but you’ve likely heard of it. This is where a malicious bot targets your computer and essentially holds it hostage for ransom. This can be very serious and is not always manageable, but I do have experience dealing with some of the most difficult situations in tech support.

Having made my living providing IT support in Victoria for many years I can say that I have pretty much seen it all when it comes to virus infected Macs and PCs. In fact, as Victoria’s PC Doctor, I was servicing big boxy desktop PCsbefore there were laptops! Give me a call or drop me an email and I’ll usually be able to give you a good idea over the phone of what my fees will be in your case.

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