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Don’t suffer at home alone any longer! Ian Clayton from Clayton IT is ready to jump in the car and meet you at your home or office in order to help you through your tech support issue. I offer everything from computer repair to data recovery and even WiFi setup. Far too many people spend hours stressing out and trying to fix things up themselves. Often paying for the professionals to come out will save a significant amount of time. All for a very reasonable price.

Most people don’t realize that technical support is just a phone call away in Victoria. Clayton IT can often repond to your home or business within a couple of hours – or at least the following day. Ian can help you to set up a new PC, phone, or laptop. When your computer is properly set up, you can often avoid more costly PC repairs down the road.

Victoria’s Top Mobile Technical Support

Tech support is not just by phone anymore! Although I am always available to walk you through a computer service issueby phone, most of my clients prefer an on-site visit to trouble shoot their technical support issue. I can hop in the Clayton IT mobile and be at your home, home office, or place of business in no time.

Professional In-Home Tech Support

Many of my clients are referred to me by their adult children. Seniors in Victoria struggle every day with all kinds of IT support issues. Age should not be a barrier to using modern technology. I have helped dozens of older people to get their phone or laptop set up properly so that they can at least video chat with their grandchildren and use their email.

One of my more popular tech support requests is to show people, right at their desk at home or in the office, how to properly back up their data. So many people have experienced the nightmare of a ‘computer crash’ only to find that all of their photos, videos, and important files have been lost due to a malware infection.

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