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Thermal Camera for Nursing home

Most businesses do not address the privacy and legal complications of installing what has come to be ’granny cams.’ These complications can attract real legal repercussions when you install them in a nursing home. Some nursing homes have a complete ban on security cameras, while others require compliance with several regulations.  

The growing need to install a thermal camera in a nursing home stems from the increasing cases of elderly abuse. The following states permit families to install a camera when they have an amicable agreement with the home’s management and the resident’s roommate:

  • Texas
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma
  • Louisiana
  • Illinois
  • Washington
  • New Jersey has a service that loans cameras to families that suspect abuse of their elderly relative.
  • Utah allows the installation of surveillance cameras in assisted living facilities.

How to install a thermal camera for a nursing home

You should contact the attorney to discuss the practical and legal implications of installing a camera in your state and county. A nursing home has the right to accept or deny your request due to their valid concerns. The good news is that one can always find an alternative that will allow you to monitor the wellbeing of your family.

Facilities that allow surveillance have to respect the regulations of the CDSS. They will also often allow installation of cameras in the rooms of the resident and restrict placement on other general locations like the lounge area.

The CDSS will sign a waiver of privacy to approve your request before you can start the installation process. Be aware that the nursing home will maintain video records of all thermal cameras in a nursing home. Consultation with the home’s management team should, however, be enough to jumpstart the entire process.

Places you should place a thermal camera

Around neighbors

The local laws define the legal process of installing cameras. Nursing homes that have surrounding residential areas are keen not to violate privacy. Be careful not to place the camera on a window or wall that allows the capturing of the next resident. Audio records of your next-door residents are equally wrong and will attract legal implications.

Private rooms

Understandably, one would want to keep a watchful eye at all times. Some areas have warranted expectations of ultimate privacy to maintain the dignity of the residents, such as the bathroom. The alternative is connecting a motion-detecting device on sensitive areas like the window and doors.

Common areas

Placing a camera in gathering rooms like the living room or kitchen is an invasive way of keeping an eye on only one resident. It is also a waste of resources because an unprofessional nurse is less likely to inflict abuse in public areas like the stairway and hallway. Our thermal cameras work great in detecting motion behind some structural blocks; hence, they will give you an observatory scope of the areas around the room.

Thermal Camera Solutions has several devices and software that will fit any installation setup. Contact us to learn how you can install one that will adhere to your state’s laws while giving optimum results.

Thermal Camera for Nursing home
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