WiFi Setup Victoria

One of my most requested services is setting up a home or office WiFi system. Even people living in smaller houses have the worst time with dead spots and dropped service in the bathroom or in more remote areas of the home or building. With ever increasing demands on bandwidth from Netflix and streaming video games everyone is demanding faster speeds and greater coverage. Having mobile tech support available from Clayton IT makes all the difference. Ian will be happy to come out to your home or place of business to consult with you on the right hardware to buy and where and how to set it up.

Do you have a combination modem and router from Shaw or Telus? These devices are billed as super fast and the ultimate in high end home networking equipment. My years of experience in IT support have taught me that this is almost never the case. Just getting a dedicated WiFi router and disabling the router on your modem will often increase data streaming performance dramatically. Often there’s no need to repair your computer when you take care of your defective home or office WiFi network.

Advances in WiFi Technology

Recently the advent of the MESH WiFi network routers have really changed the game for larger homes and small businesses. This system allows you to place two, three, or more WiFi broadcasters throughout your home or building. The different pods ‘mesh’ together to create a seamless whole- home network all with the same name and password. Google WiFi is a poplular brand. It has attractive small glowing white pods that fit in with any decor. The network they create is second to none and will make a huge difference in reception even in the most remote corners of your property. Other manufacturers include Eero, and Orbi by Netgear.

With a bit of set up on your computer or smartphone you’ll be able to control various aspects of your new WiFi network. You can set up and control guest access and even shut the network down on a daily schedule. This comes in handy when it’s the kids bedtime or when homework time rolls around.

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